11:19 am, Fri November 24, 2017

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If the backs of the hands of a person are well build, soft and hairless, such person surely enjoys auspicious effects of his or her all deeds. Such persons are heavenly blessed and have a lot of kindness in their heart.

If lines of palm of the person are clear, pink colored, smooth and full such persons enjoys happiness and all comforts. Ladies having such hand enhances luck of their husbands. 
The person who has lines forming the shapes of a balance, elephant, bull or horse becomes the a business man or wife of a businessman (in case of lady). 
The person who has lines forming the shape of a house is known as lucky and become parents of very learned children. 
The person lives like a king and no malefic impact can touch him, if his wife is having a shape of some arms like sword etc. in her palm. 
If fingers of a person are good-looking and soft segments, and forming ring at the end and without hair, they are considered auspicious.  

If fingers of a person are very small, without flesh, irregular, widely spaced (not close to each other), hairy, and have more then usual segments or without segment such person losses too much in their life and passes life in poverty. 
If the nails of the fingers are pink colored, having good curved and shaped well at the top, such person are very auspicious and presence of such person always bring harmony and peace in others life. 
If the nails of the fingers are flat, broken, yellow or white colored or nails with round black spots such persons are very much disturbing and neither they are lucky to them self nor proves lucky for others. 
If the back of the person is fleshy and well developed with flesh, and have smooth skin, such person are very auspicious. Friendship with such persons brings a lot of good luck to others. 
If the back is with a lot of hair, especially in case of lady, and skin looks thick, such person are very much inauspicious and such lady becomes the reason for destroying may families. 
The neck of a lady have three lines or folds, round, well developed and delicate, is known as auspicious and god and goddess remain always happy with such lady and her family as well as friends. 
Thick neck lady becomes the reason of mental stress to her husband. 
Thick neck gents lives like king but they never care for their family. 
If the Neck of a person is irregular built it indicates that the person concerned will become a maid servant and after marriage her husband will see much fall in life 
If the Throat of a person is straight, well developed, somewhat raised throat is known as auspicious and lord of intellect and gain showers his blessing to her husband. 

If the throat of a person is having very thin flesh with veins and hair is never been recognized as good and such person use to be the reason of fighting in their surrounding