11:19 am, Fri November 24, 2017

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Astrology (Dreams And Their Meanings)

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Some time we are unable to read the coming time which our sixth sense or heavenly souls want to tell us by the means of our dreams. When we are very tired, when we are very sorrowful, or under the impact of some medicine, or in day time rest, or much thinking about some one then under that case such dreams are not called as signal of cosmos. The dreams which are not concerning us but we not only see them but remember them for long time, such dreams are known to be or are said to be as signals of coming time.

Generally all black things are known as bad but elephant, black tiger are known as good. All white things are known as good but bed sheet etc. are not known as good. If you saw any dream in mid night time or about mid of sleep, then it is known that the result of dream may come after 6 month. If it is just before waking up then it give immediate result or may be in one week. 
The most surprising thing which we have seen that while dreaming we understand that in what part of night we have seen that dream. Scientifically it is impossible but the fact is much different.