11:19 am, Fri November 24, 2017

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Vaastu Saastra is a Sanskrit term. Vaastu means the place of our living or working. Saastra stands for science. The science of our place of living/working is Vaastu Saastra.

We are all children of Mother Nature. Nature cares for our happiness and welfare from conception to burial/cremation.

The place of our living is a tiny part of Nature. It has all the characteristics of Nature. Nature consists of the five Cardinal Elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Open Space. They embody invisible power/energy like electricity. It can be named as Vaastu Shakthi- the Supreme Power of Nature for prosperity/success. It is inexhaustible and boundless.

The Elements place this unique power in our hands. Vaastu Saastra unfolds the laws of Nature to utilize the power of the Elements constructively to make our lives happy, peaceful and prosperous.

Once you understand their working correctly you can make use of their energy to engineer your future in the way you desire. Ofcourse, without extra effort or cost and giving up the benefits/conveniences provided by modern science and technology.

The Elements work in a definite predictable pattern. They work untiringly without holidays to remove stress and strain, reduce risk and uncertainty of modern life. The Elements are like five angels of peace and prosperity striving to bless us with a better life.